Everest Refrigeration EPPR3-D4 – 93-1/4″ Pizza Prep Table, 30 Cubic Feet

$6,495.00 $5,995.00

A 30 cubic foot Pizza Prep Table which measures 8 feet wide is perfectly suited to large, thriving pizza restaurants. It’s fully made of stainless steel, with and exterior that’s 430 grade. The interior, pan lid, hood and work surface are all 304 grade. Insulation is provided by 2.5 inch of polyurethane. The refrigeration is self-contained, and housed is a removable side panel. A removable condenser coil makes for easy cleaning. R-134A refrigerant helps maintain its chill. The air defrost both starts and stops based on the temperature of the case, so it’s maintained in perfect working order. The door and the drawers have rounded corners and recessed handles, so you won’t find yourself running into door handles. Frame heaters prevent the build-up of condensation. A snap-on magnetic gasket keeps them securely closed. Inside the self-closing door, 2 epoxy coated shelves are added to expand storage potential. Interior lighting is safety-shielded. The drawers will each hold 2 full-size pans. Low friction slide bearings make them easy to ope and close. The prep area has 1/2 inch of polyurethane insulation. A 1/4 inch deep sanitary cutting board comes with the table. It’s removable and adjustable. A dozen one-third size sanitary PVC pans are supplied for use at the prep area. A pan lid closes to cover them. The temperature range of 33 to 41F is controlled by push buttons and monitored by a microchip. A digital display allows you to check the temperature at a glance. The table rests on four casters. The front two casters have locking brakes. Your investment is covered by a 3 year warranty on parts and labor and a 5 year warranty on the compressor.
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