ProKold TWT-44 Worktop Refrigerator w/ 1 Section 115v Free Shipping

$1,960.00 $1,495.00

The ProKold worktop refrigerator has one section and one door with backspash. The one door under storage is large enough to hold a full sheet pan or a white stacking pizza dough box.  The unit’s front-breathing refrigeration reduces the required clearances and makes service simple, with the condenser easily accessible behind a front grill. This model features large fan blades that move large volumes of air at low velocity, and a fan motor that is completely sealed and self-lubricating. The compressor is 1⁄4-HP and helps power an oversized evaporator coil, which ensures uniform cabinet temperatures with shorter run times and more efficient refrigeration.This worktop refrigerator has stainless steel sides, top, and front, and a stainless steel interior floor with easy-to-clean coved corners. The interior liner is made of clear-coated aluminum, and is NSF-7 approved for open food products. The door’s gasket is easily removable in one piece for cleaning and ensures a positive seal to retain proper temperatures.
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