Axis AX-GPC-2 Gas Pasta Cooker w/ (2) 10 1/2 gal Tanks, Manual Water Fill, Stainless

$5,891.00 $5,545.00

Axis AX-GPC-2 Description

The Axis AX-GPC-2 pasta cooker has two 10.56-gallon tanks. Burner technology concentrates heat at the rear of the tank, which creates a convective flow of water. This design reduces cook times and eliminates the need for stirring. Cleaning the unit is simple with its seamless design and rounded edges. Six mesh baskets are included for each tank. Their ergonomically positioned handles ensure staff members are comfortable while operating the unit. This Axis AX-GPC-2 pasta cooker has a piezo-electric burner system and, with the safety thermocouple shutoff, the power supply is blocked if the flame goes out.

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