Pitco SSPG14 Solstice Supreme 12 Gallon Pasta Cooker – Nat. Gas 60,000 BTU


The Pitco SSPG14 is an excellent addition to any kitchen. This model features a solid stainless steel construction ensuring strength and cleanliness. This pasta cooker can adequately cook both raw pasta, and par-cooked pasta.

Pitco SSPG14 Features

  • Marine grade stainless steel tank and stainless steel exterior cabinet
  • Super high efficiency design
  • Includes digital controller with 4 button timer
  • Features the self cleaning burner as well as down draft protection

Pitco SSPG14 Benefits

  • Provides lower operational energy cost, lower maintenance annually, and will need much fewer repairs
  • Constructed with a tank overflow that prevents water from flowing over the tank and leaving a mess on the floor


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